Nose bleeds when the child may cause a lot of anxiety for parents, however, might not be very serious and easily treated at home. He spoke cases of bleeding in the habit in children between the age of two until the age of ten years, but in the cases of infants may be required to enter a doctor Mahts to address the problem and find out the causes, and we will share more about this problem in this topic today.
Symptoms of nasal bleeding in children
In normal cases, bleeding from a Alonfein happen, but if the bleeding is very sharp fullness may cause nose and nasal pharynx bypassed for what may cause bleeding from the nose, the other at the same time. It must also be noted that in some advanced cases may drip bleeding to the back of the throat may enter into the stomach can cause a person to Btakie some blood.
Causes nose bleeds in children
Trauma can sometimes be the reason for the bleeding in the baby's nose and even that was a mild shock. In the case of a direct shock it was on the nose, as in other cases may be caused acute respiratory infections, top, or sensitivity or Altered for many hip and air dry, or use of certain medications nasal Kalpkhakhat example.
It is possible that in a few cases when some children only cause of bleeding abnormalities in the blood vessels extending into the nose or some polyps in this region or child leukemia and Tjlth; in this case also dealt with the child for certain drugs to fight clotting may be the cause of the bleeding in the nose.
Dealing with a bleeding nose in children
Must if bleeding occurs when the child Agelash in an upright position with a little nod to Alomamosthaddam towel to put pressure on both sides of the nose my finger thumb and forefinger. Be careful not to focus on this problem or Thoelha front of the child and distracts them watch TV or do something else. We must always make sure not to exercise the child to any violent activities or strong after bleeding directly to non-recurrent bleeding.

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