Do you have suffered days of severe pain in the lower back or side? These symptoms may have been a warning to alert you to the kidneys because they know the renal colic. Here is a day through this subject the most important information on the renal colic and treatment.
Renal colic
Renal colic appears in the body in the form of a sharp pain in the kidneys and the urinary tract and is usually caused by the presence of stones in the kidney or renal pelvis that surrounds the college. These pebbles usually arise when less than the rate of fluid or water in the urine becomes thick and a center resulting in a form crystals of various metals in the urinary tract and know gravel They cause a blockage and infection in the kidneys and in the urinary tract, causing a strong disorder in the kidneys and some damage in their functions.
Dialysis is trying to fine-grained to overcome them, but sometimes the granules may evolve and grow and become one of the gravel is harder on the overall disposal abroad Vtaatersb in the urinary tract and the start of renal colic pain, a reference to a defect in the work of the College.
Symptoms of renal colic
When we talk about renal colic there will be a number of symptoms, including sharp and sudden pain in the region, which lies in the lower back and is expanding to include the extended areas on both sides of the back of any place in the kidneys. Besides an infected person feels severe pain when urinating with a high degree of heat that threatens the presence of something goes wrong in the body. Besides the patient suffers from tremors and twitching to Aaraddein In some cases, the patient feels nauseous and vomiting. In addition it may prove the presence of blood in the urine upon detection of the patient during the clinical examination.
The treatment of renal colic
The treatment of renal Amod begins with a strong pain reliever with a double dose of the need to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day which is not less than two cups each hour and appeared in no presence of a large gallstone difficult to dispose of and fragmentation will naturally surgical intervention is the answer.

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