The education of the mother of the child healthy eating habits, it may be difficult things, especially with the need for the mother's commitment to those same habits, to make her child maintains a healthy and natural weight. If you follow the child healthy eating habits from a young age, this method will follow in his life even when he grows up.

Healthy eating habits

First, make sure to provide a range of healthy foods in the house, so that the child get used to commit health food options. Consequently Stay away from bringing unhealthy foods for the home, which contain a high percentage of sugars, fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Second, Be the ideal front of your child. Must see you and you're taking healthy food, so be convinced to eat healthy food. The family meals important to accustom the child to healthy eating habits, and to strengthen the relationship with the rest of the family.

Third, when shopping for food and preparing meals during the different food, keep your child with you. As this will give you an idea of ​​the foods that are favored, as you are you'll be able to teach your child all that is needed for a healthy diet. If the child has participated in the preparation of food, it would be more inclined to eat it. It also does not allow your child to eat snacks throughout the day, with the identification of specific times for snacks without spoiling his appetite. Food and tumble as a reward or punishment.

Finally, Encourage your child to not eating in front of the TV, but in the kitchen or while sitting on the dining table. Where you must keep in mind that eating in front of the television may lead to an increase in the weight of the child. You should also encourage your child to drink water and stay away from drinking juices, which contain a high percentage of sugars.

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