Chronic diarrhea is a disorder and changes in the pattern of urination the person, where the number of urination increases of more than 3 times a day for four consecutive days, and the urine is different pattern in terms of thickness to flexibility, caused as a result of the reasons leading to chronic diarrhea.

The chronic diarrhea due to various infections of the digestive system where the intestines become dilated and flaccid. In addition to the diseases of the nervous colon, intestinal inflammation and infection and eating a lot of drugs, such as diuretics.

For the treatment of chronic diarrhea must know the initial diagnosis, and when it appears we know drugs that may cause diarrhea and stop them, such as diuretics and other compensation or fluids lost by the person's body. But there are ways to treat a given drugs that stop diarrhea, replace lost fluids of someone giving fluids Almassabn In the case of inflammation or infection should be treated and given antibiotics to prevent and treat. When drought occurs, dizziness, weakness in the skin, headache, high temperature Ahararhn contain fecal blood or pus, color or black stool, you should visit a doctor.

Prevention of chronic diarrhea
Must maintain personal hygiene, health and a good diet, to protect against infection and inflammation and other causes of chronic diarrhea. It also must be careful to eat a meal and drink water and fluids clean, taking care to properly sterilized to prevent viruses and other microbes to move it.

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